Articles by Publication

AAA Car and Travel

  • Christmas in Williamsburg

Afro-American News

  • To Kill a Mockingbird Brings its Message to the Kennedy Center

Air and Space

  • F-111 Final Flight

America Outdoors

  • Kids, Dogs, and Camping

American History

  • Ft. Necessity National Battlefield

American Profiles

  • Swamp Gravy: The Play that Saved a Town

American Style

  • Art on the Bay

Aviation History

  • Zeros over OZ

Avid Pronet

  • Distinct Features:  Moving from Commercial Videos to Feature Films

Baltimore Jewish Times:

  • The Games People Play and Play and Play

Baltimore Magazine:

  •  A Banner Year (aviation banner tow company)

Blue Ridge Country:

  • Faith in the Hills: Valdez, NC

Boston Globe

  •  Pack the Hamper, James; It’s Ascot Time

Business Start Up

  • Beyond the Coffee Mug

Business Today

  • Picking a Winner

Chesapeake Life

  •  A Day Well Spent in Havre de Grace
  • Baker Boy (Chestertown baker)
  •  EVO Brewery
  • Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
  • Holiday on the Hill (Snow Hill)
  • North East, MD
  •  Rock Hall: Life on the Dock of the Bay
  •  Simple Pleasures: Firemen’s Carnivals on the Eastern Shore
  • Tom Flowers (Chesapeake Treasures Profile)

Chesapeake Taste

  • Cutts & Case Shipbuilders
  • Dave Mason’s Pirate Ships
  • Tilghman Island Inn: A Waterfront Destination
  • Uncle Ernie’s Oysters

Country Folk Art Magazine

  • High Country Ramble: North Carolina’s Craft Trails

Culinary Trends

  • North of N’Awlins
  • Philadelphia’s Shining Star (Jim Coleman)

Dairy Goat Journal

  • Celebrity Goat Farm
  • Mary Lager: All-around Goat Lady

Dairy Magazine

  • Dairy Sheep: The Industry’s Salvation?

DC Family

  • Charms of Chattanooga

Delta Sky

  • Sneeze Soufflé

Dog Fancy

  • A Capital Pleasure


  • Airborne Dogs

El Heraldo

  • San Antonio: The Fiesta City

Family Fun

  • Alligators and Egrets: Florida without Mickey Mouse
  • Along the Anacostia Trail
  • Pennsylvania’s Holidays

Family Motor Coaching

  • It’s Hoppin’ in Hot-Lanta

Flight Journal

  • Adios Aardvark

Games Magazine

  • Mazes by Minotaur (Full-length feature)
  • Gamebits (short features):
    • Auto Speak
    • Beethoven Marathon
    • Birds on the Runway
    • Chariots of Mire
    • Human Frog Chorus
    • Junk Food Goodie Basket
    • Knights at Play
    • NFL in the UK
    • Pig Photographer
    • The Great Egg Race
    • Toads in Love

Group Travel Leader

  • Eastern Shore Teaser
  • Hershey, PA
  • Southern Maryland: The Gentle Side of the Shore
  • Waterfront to Wineries (Central Maryland)

Guard and Reserve Magazine

  • Head ‘Em Up; Move ‘Em Out
  • Preparing for Lengthy Deployment
  • Unique Air Guard Units

Health and Money

  • Fetal Surgery: A Cautious Breakthrough
  • It must have been Something I Ate
  • Lasers in Medicine
  • Let it Snow: Quebec’s Winter Carnival
  • The Maze of Multivitamins

Horse Illustrated

  • Those High Flying Olympic Equines

Italian America

  • So the Future Remembers the Past (Valdez, NC)

Maryland Life

  • A Ghoulish Goodbye: Red Roost’s Halloween Party
  • Specific Gravity: Craft Beer and Pizza in Salisbury
  • The Narrows Restaurant: Shore-ly Traditional

Military Lifestyle

  • “I can’t be overdrawn; I still have checks left”


  • Richard Geer: Building Communities, One Act at a Time
  • Stone Soup: Serving up a Future
  • Yippi-Yi-Yeah, Y’all

Niche Magazine

  • Something to Remember Us by: Marketing Crafts to Corporate Clients

PCS Magazine

  • Southern Comforts
  • Dream Assignment: Oahu

Pilot Getaway

  • Bluegrass and Bourbon: Lexington, KY

PR Journal

  • For the Birds


  • Unsnarling the Vine

Professional Painter World

  • Pub Sign Painters: A Tradition Continues

Recreation News

  • Cape May Victorian Vacation
  • Christmas in Williamsburg
  • Day Off: Frederick
  • Day Off: Annapolis
  • George Washington Ate Here
  • Ghost Tours in Maryland
  • Luging and Lovin’ It
  • Rock Creek Park
  • Splish, Splash: DC’s Watery Side

Rural Heritage

  • Sudsy Shires

Sculpture Review

  • Bela Bacsi: Contemporary Realism

Sheep Magazine

  • David and Nancy Greene: Commercial Sheep Farmers
  • David Todd: Sheep Shearer
  • Mary Streaker: Show Organizer
  • Robert Dinsmore: Multi-faceted Sheep Man

Southern Destinations

  • W.C. Handy Music Festival
  • Annie Wheeler
  • Decatur’s Treasure Box
  • Monroeville: Alabama’s Literary Capital
  • Magnolia Springs: Return to the Turn of the Century

The Evener

  • Barge Horses in Great Britain
  • Suffolk Punch Breed Returning

The Trail Rider

  • Ft. Valley Ranch: Blue Ridge Getaway
  • In the Hoofprints of History

Trailer Life

  • Forging a Nation


  • Busiest Rest Stop on I-95

Washington Flyer

  • Shopping for the Spandex Set

Weekend Flyer

  • Alabama’s Gulf Coast
  • Amelia Island, FL
  • Atlanta\DeKalb: Southern Sooths the Senses
  • North Carolina’s Coast
  • North Carolina’s Mountain Craft Trails
  • Portland, Maine

Western Horseman

  • A Call to Arms: Training an Equine Civil War Reenactor

Woman Pilot

  • Cody, WY
  • Lancaster, PA

Women’s Sport and Fitness

  • A Desert Awakening (Running Cataract Canyon at high water)


  • A Weekend in Camelot (Renaissance Festivals)
  • Adrift in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Drive-through Holiday Light Displays
  • Fredericksburg, TX
  • Hampton Roads, VA
  • Hot Air Balloon Festivals
  • I-95 Attractions
  • Introduction to Water Adventures
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Maryland Civil War Sites
  • North Carolina Mountain Heritage
  • North Carolina Pottery Center
  • North Carolina Trail of Faith
  • Outdoor Dramas
  • Richland Creek Herbs
  • Time and Tide in Southern Maryland
  • Virginia Civil War Trails

World Hospitality

  • Balancing Costs and Services
  • Crown International Marketing
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Employee Retention
  • Hershey Resorts
  • Planning for the Future
  • Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia

World Construction

  • Liverpool Project Built on Reclaimed Land

World Mining Equipment

  • Damaged Mine Costs Climb in U.K. Strike

Women in the Outdoors

  • Down and Dirty (caving)