Fran’s Featured Story of the Month

Hail to the Peeps

Sam Born knew candy like Steve Jobs knew computers. He invented Jimmies – the chocolate bits sprinkled on ice cream and donuts, a machine to insert sticks into lollipops, and the hard chocolate coating used in Eskimo Pies. When he bought out a rival company in 1953, he liked one candy in particular. It was a little yellow marshmallow treat in the shape of a baby chick – called PEEPS. He thought it might be a good seller at Easter, but he never imagined that PEEPS would become not only a staple of every self-respecting Easter basket but a pop culture icon spawning websites, videos, blogs, recipes, and dozens of art exhibitions and contests using PEEPS as the artistic medium.Read More…

A Ghoulish Goodbye

The zombie arrives about 9 o’clock, blown in by a wind as cold as the bony touch of a skeleton’s fingers. His hands—except for the extra one—are jammed into his pockets. That severed limb is stuck under his arm.  Read More

Béla Bácsi

Bela Bacsi uses humor as an invitation to engage his sculptures. While some contemporary art can seem intimidating or esoteric to the viewer, Bacsi’s humor often suggests… Read More

Ascot Time

It’s a tailgate party unlike any other. But it’s an event until any other: the week-long Royal Ascot racing meeting. Scheduled for June 14-17, Ascot gives Britons one last chance for a proper garden party… Read More

The Culinary CIA

I have been to the CIA and explored its inner sanctum. […] I have experienced the results of their work – the sauteés, the sauces, the soufleés… Read More

Fetal Surgery

Like any normal ten-month old baby, William Talmage Shuford IV is starting to crawl, beginning to teeth, and is “learning to blow raspberries,”… Read More

 Picking A Winner

Launching a new product means spending a fortune in packaging and design, but what about the name? The right brand name or trademark can determine if… Read More

Sneeze Souffle

Just how allergic to cats was she really? Are you allergic to cats?  John Hopkins Asthma & Allergy Center is looking for people interested in participating in a study of new treatment for cat allergies.  Earn $425, if accepted … Read More

George Washington Ate Here

It was a dark, cold night in Valley Forge in 1775. The Marquis de Lafayette and General Von Steuben, weary from spending the day drilling the Minutemen, stumbled into the room where General George Washington sat near the fire… Read More


Atrail ride becomes more exciting when it’s a ride through history, as well as through scenery. A defining time of our nation’s history was the Civil War, fought between 1861 and 1865… Read More